Frequent Asked Questions

We have three ways to book, phone e-mail or via our website.
Phone if your request is of an urgent nature and we will endeavour to see you that day.
HotDoc if you require a regular appointment and are happy with the next available.
Email for appointments that are not urgent and that you are happy to have at any stage.
All appointments will be with one of our experienced Nurses and will progress to one of our GPs if clinically required.

We are always happy to see you though at times you may have to wait for an extended period to be seen by one of our practitioners. Booking ahead will lock in your appointment.

We understand life gets busy.
We will send out SMS and email reminders to all patients the day before their booked appointment time.
All we ask in return is if you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please contact the clinic to advise. If you do not advise us that you are unable to attend within 2 hours of your appointment time, you will be billed a $40 DNA fee. This is non rebatable from medicare and is payable before booking your next consultation.

We thank you for your understanding.


Telehealth involves you consulting your healthcare provider remotely when they have determined a physical examination isn’t needed, and you can’t see them in person.
This can include your consultation with our in house clinicians from home or coming in and using our facilities to contact your specialist in another city or even the hospital.